Mole Checks and Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer found and treated early is almost always completely curable; this is why having your moles examined every year is vital.

We distinguish between malignant melanoma skin cancers and the much more frequent non-melanoma skin cancers. The latter group is made up of two different types of tumours, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Malignant melanoma can develop from a pre-existing mole, or may also develop „de novo“, i.e. anew. It is one of the most malignant skin cancers, since the cells may spread and metastasize. Specifically, people with very fair skin as well as patients with a multitude of moles have an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Multiple sunburns and/or frequent UV exposure over many years also are risk factors. In addition, genetic predisposition also plays a role here.

I recommend to my patients to look out for suspicious changes, i.e. changes of pre-existing moles (including changes in size, colour or shape), or completely new changes of their skin. In these cases they should have their skin examined by a doctor.

At my dermatology practice, I offer my patients skin surface microscopy (Dermoscopy) for these examinations. Providing greatly enhanced images enables very precise diagnosis, as even miniscule skin changes can be detected.

In addition, I also have the possibility to take and store photos of moles with a high-resolution HD camera, which increases accuracy in evaluating their change over time.

I would be pleased to offer you detailed information and advice on the topic of skin cancer and mole checks.
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