Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis

Psoriasis is a frequent skin disease that can cause stigmatising skin lesions and as such can often cause a significant deterioration in the quality of life of patients.

It is a genetic skin disease that can occur at any age. Patients suffer from characteristic changes of the skin, squamous plaques, patches of skin that become red, infected and scaly, and itch but may also hurt.
In addition, some patients present with a pronounced scaling of the scalp, nail changes, or also a sometimes very painful inflammation of the joints, the so-called psoriatic arthritis.

Although psoriasis is not yet curable, we already have various therapy options at our disposal that can help to improve the patients’ quality of life and can lead to an improvement of or even freedom from symptoms. They include different local therapies (creams), radiation therapy as well as systemic therapies (tablets or also injections, so-called biologics).

As psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, I take extra care to devote sufficient time to my patients to inform them in detail about the disease and to offer them advice about therapy options tailored especially to their needs.

Atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis is another chronic infectious skin disease caused by genetic and environmental factors.
It can affect our youngest patients and may occur for the first time in infants.
One finds itching eczema on dry skin that may also leak fluid, often at characteristic parts of the body such as inside the bend of the elbows and knees. Sometimes also the eyelids, genitals and hands can be affected.
Owing to a reduced immune defence, the skin becomes vulnerable and thus more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.
Here, consistent self-care measures to prevent new outbreaks, and appropriate therapy in acute flares are of particular importance.

Let me advise you on what you can do to bring your atopic dermatitis or your psoriasis under control!

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